The phrase “I wish I had healthy hair like you” is very common. It is no secret that many people wish they had someone else’s hair, but unfortunately, this is turning out to be the opposite of what they were born with. But you will also be surprised that most people are not satisfied with the kind of hair that they have, that is why those that have curly hair will yearn to have that which is straight while the thick-haired ones want hair that is thin. But bottom line is that we are all encouraged to be happy with the type of hair that God has blessed us with and endeavour to take good care of it. But how do you go about keeping your hair healthy: here is a highlight of some tips that can help you keep your hair looking healthy always.

Do not over wash it

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You will realize that some people think that washing their hair on a regular basis, is when it will remain clean, but this is far from the truth as washing one’s hair on a daily basis is not only damaging the hair but the scalp also. God created human hair in a way that it produces naturally some oils that keep it nourished and protected, that is why one is advised not to over-wash their hair because they will wash the oils away hence leaving it dry leading to damage. It is recommended that for healthy hair, wash it at least once or twice in a day.


Purchase the right hair products

Because everybody has hair that is unique in its own way, there is also a variety of conditioners, shampoos and a host of other hair products that are available in the market. This is why it is advisable that before you go to make any product purchases you should first know your type of hair so that you purchase a product that will make it and keep it healthy. For instance, if yours is the thin type of hair, that is mostly lifeless, it is advisable that you purchase a shampoo or conditioner that is volumising so that it can give your hair some bit of a lift. But for those individuals with naturally thick hair, use products that will not only moisturize but also detangle the hair. But if you are not sure of the product to use on your hair to keep it healthy, it is advisable that you seek some advice from your stylist before making a purchase.

Do not overwork your hair

curly hairDue to the ready availability of hair products in the market, most individuals are at times tempted to overload their hair with a number of different hair products. This is very wrong as it can affect your hair negatively. It is not advisable to expose your hair to such harsh chemicals as they are likely to damage your hair by splitting their ends. It is recommended that you blow dry it at least once or twice a week.