Seven Causes of Hair Thinning

Multiple determinants can induce hair loss. For instance, it is triggered by hormonal imbalances, stress, various illnesses as well as poor nutrition. Yes, you heard me right! When your hair is balding or thinning the first step that you must take is identifying its root cause. Otherwise, you might not receive the appropriate hair loss treatment. Presented below are some of the major causes of hair loss among a considerable fraction of the population.


It has been proven that some medication is responsible for hair loss among those using them. The worst thing is that such people buy the medication over the counter without the prescription of a qualified physician. In the end, they solve one problem while creating another without their knowledge. Before you start using any medication, you should find out from your doctor whether its capable of causing hair loss or not.

Hair Care Products

Some chemical-based hair care products or frequent use of hair straighteners, dryers, and wave trimmers is responsible for hair loss. You will realize that most people shop blindly for their hair care products. It’s so bad that they don’t have a closer look at the ingredients in the products they are buying. And that is not all. Some hairstyles are also responsible for balding because they cause strong hair scarring.


Mental or physical stress will interfere with your normal hair growth cycle after two or three months. During this period your follicles will have entered the premature stage that causes the cessation of hair growth. Keep your stress levels in check to prevent balding.

eating unhealthy

Poor Diet

The body will get all the nutrients that it needs when you take a balanced diet every day. The nutrients enhance good health and ensure that your body is functioning normally. If you keep on eating foods without some nutrients, then your hair will start balding. Those suffering from bulimia and anorexia also experience similar effects.

Environmental Factors

If you get exposed to environmental factors like x rays, caustic substances, and pollutants your hair will start thinking. Such harmful factors cause hair loss by destroying your hair follicles. The good news is that the thinning caused by the elements can be reversed.


Aging people are also prone to hair loss. When you become older, your immune system becomes weak, and you will also experience hormonal issues. However, age-related baldness is reversible if given the correct treatment. Statistics indicate that 40% of men experience baldness or excessive hair loss before they turn 40.

Thyroid Illnesses

When you produce insufficient quantities of thyroid hormones like TSH, then you will suffer from a condition known as hypothyroidism. On the flip side, if you produce excessive thyroidal hormones, then you will suffer from an illness known as hyperthyroidism. In the end, you will lose some of your hair because of the hormonal imbalance.

Immediately you notice that your hair is thinning seek the primary cause as well as the proper treatment. You can try out Foligen reviews to reverse your baldness. Just go through Foligen reviews reviews if you want to know that it works miracles.…

Looking More Beautiful With Aromatherapy

How do you feel when your room is lemon scented? The lemon scent has been known to bring a positive vibe to a sad mind. What about pine aroma? Big chances are, you will feel relaxed and therapeutic.

AromaBelieve it or not, fragrance has a role in keeping our health, and so our appearance. Whether you put a fresh flower, using a room freshener spray, or hanging a bag filled with a fragrance scent, in one of the corners in your house, you have taken one little step to improve your life. It might seem to affect only your feeling, but many health benefits start from from there. And bear in mind that to health from the inside profoundly affects the appearance on the outside.

How can a trivial thing such as aromatherapy make us healthier?

It is relaxing

As many people have already known, aromatherapy has a relaxing effect. It releases stress and anxiety and soothes our mind. There is a strong correlation between depression and anxiety with poor physical health.

Depression leads to obesity and addiction. Alcoholism and tobacco addiction have been known to be the prevalent traits of people suffering from psychological problems. And once you are an alcoholic or a heavy smoker, you will age faster than normal people.

Memory enhancer

TherapeuticAlzheimer and dementia are two of the scariest illnesses you can think of because you will gradually lose your memory and the ability to form a short-term memory. Imagine you cannot recognize your own house or the faces of your relatives. You might not feel sad because you have no memory whatsoever of the people you love. It would be them who will feel the grief for losing you.

Having a relative who has Alzheimer feels worse than losing one. You know that the person still lives, but he/she has lost all the memories. With aromatherapy, your risk to contract Alzheimer can be reduced. Studies show that the use of fragrance scent can boost memory and help people in remembering the pasts.

Besides, appearing attractive also starts from the mind. People with good memory are more confident with themselves, which make them live a better quality life than the others.

Accelerate healing

relax at homeWhen you are ill, aromatherapy can speed up the healing process. As if you go under that oxygen therapy, aromatherapy treatment increases the healing rate in your body. It acts as the stimulant which will make your body relaxed and accelerate the oxygen flow in your blood.

Even if you are not sick, aromatherapy can put your body into a better relaxed-state, which will increase the body’s regeneration ability. It is a very vital process that will keep your skin young and your body rejuvenated.

It reduces pain

A particular scent of aromatherapy can help you in relieving pain. When you get a headache or a migraine, try to use aromatherapy instead of using analgesics. Too much of the pills will make your body depending on them to function normally. Aromatherapy scents, on the other hand, does not cause the same harm. You can use peppermint, chamomile, or eucalyptus for the purpose.

Normalizing sleep

Sleeping WomanInsomnia can strike everyone, particularly those who live in big cities. The light and the noise are just unbearable, and they make the night and the day appear almost the same.

When you are unable to schedule your sleep, your body will receive the bad impacts. A study about sleep shows that inadequate sleep causes loss of energy and focus. It is contrary to popular belief that doing extra works until late night means a productivity increase. In reality, you will be more vulnerable to committing errors and sloppy jobs. And in the long term, irregular sleep patterns can result in organ failures.

Aromatherapy can help people with sleeping difficulty. The scent can relax the mind and bring you into a deeper state of sleep.…